1st October 2018

Nigeria’s Codeine Crisis

Misuse of opiates and prescription medication, in general, is a longstanding and continuing public health challenge in Nigeria. Codeine, an opioid substance often used in various preparations as an antitussive (cough suppressant)3 and analgesic4 agent,and Tramadol5 , a synthetic opioid analgesic,usually prescribed for pain of moderate to severe intensity are

5th May 2018

Funding Healthcare Services in Nigeria – A conundrum of demand, policy and supply!

[dkpdf-columns columns=”3″ equal-columns=”false” gap=”10″] Doctor, I happy say na you I meet, I don dey pray say make I meet the doctor wey get bear-bear for hospital today”, said the smiling lady sitting opposite me, in impeccable pidgin English. I recognised her from more than a decade in the past.